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Welcome to Belladonna biochemical laboratory
Belladonna biochemical laboratory was founded in 1992, in Zemun, Vrtlarska 35, as part of Belladonna pharmacy .

In 1998 it moved to a new location, at Kosovska 16, in the center of Zemun, where it was organized as a separate unit.

The laboratory is fully equipped for determination of standard biochemical and hematological parameters (thyroid hormones, reproductive hormones, tumor markers, osteoporosis and anemia markers, etc.).
The Laboratory started with biochemical prenatal screening program immediately after it was introduced into clinical practice, which makes Belladonna laboratory one of the first to test for maternal serum biochemical markers in prenatal screening, initially during the second trimester of pregnancy (AFP, hCG, uE3), and then also in the first trimester (Fβ-hCG, PAPP-a) and identify the risk for fetal chromosomal and some structural anomalies.

The laboratory is equipped with modern automated biochemistry, hematology and immunochemistry analyzers, regularly calibrated and serviced. Both external and internal quality control tests are carried out with particular attention. Blood samples are taken by laboratory technicians, on the premises or at patient’s home, by the method of single-use closed vacuum system. Laboratory provides services to different categories of users: patients, health care, education and research institutions.

In addition to running an efficient operation, maintaining quality, ensuring continuous training and further professional development of staff, introducing new testing methods, using cutting edge knowledge and latest technological achievements in laboratory diagnostics, the Laboratory management, together with all the employees, constantly work at implementing best practices and performing high quality testing, with the aim of providing efficient and appropriate services to all users, in compliance with all the provisions of applicable regulations, standards and relevant acts of the Laboratory.
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Kosovska 16, Zemun 11080
+ 381 (0) 11 26 15 515;
+ 381 (0) 11 316 46 57

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